There’s someone we’d like you to meet: Introducing Elsie

There's someone we'd like you to meet! VLC is now Elsie!


We know our corner of the world, and this blog, have been quiet lately. And that’s because, for months, our team has been busy working on something pretty big.

Today, we’re finally ready to share the exciting news: VLC is becoming Elsie.

While our name and our look might be changing, the things you love about us aren’t. Our commitment to connecting people and helping them grow will always stay the same. At Elsie, you can continue to turn to us—and count on us—to design, manage, and support impactful virtual and face-to-face learning experiences across the globe.

Why we changed our company name

We never planned on changing our name. But, as our company grows and evolves, we need a name—and an identity—that better represent who we are: A group of accomplished producers and facilitators that bring people together and make learning more interactive and meaningful.

As we started having conversations about the future—What is our mission? What can we do differently and better to make sure people are engaged when they’re learning? How do we take better care of our own people?—we recognized that now is the right time to jump feet first into rebranding VLC.

How we rebranded from VLC to Elsie

The first step was enlisting a trusted partner to guide the process. Just like our Elsie team provides specialized support to companies, we brought in experienced advisors to help us strategically develop our new brand—including a name, visuals, and messaging to carry us into the future.

How did we land on Elsie?

Since we focus on making learning human-centered, it made a lot of sense to give our company a human name. Elsie is relatable, familiar, and even sounds like an old friend. We consider it a fresh take on VLC: A nod to where we’ve been, with an eye on where we’re headed.



What’s next for us as a company

Going forward, it’s important for you to know what you can expect from Elsie. In the L&D world, we know that engagement improves outcomes. That’s why our entire team is focused on making learning experiences more engaging—so that attendees walk away more knowledgeable, more inspired, and better prepared for what’s next. What does this look like for the companies that partner with Elsie?

  • Expert production: Veteran producers with technical know-how will take care of every detail behind the scenes so live sessions go off without a hitch—from set-up to in-the-moment troubleshooting (a.k.a. technology support) to reporting on attendance and engagement
  • Skilled facilitation: Animated facilitators will deliver virtual and in-person events so learners can get moving, work together in large and small groups, and dive into important conversations
  • Learning consulting: A reliable resource for L&D teams, we partner with you through every step of planning, live support, and follow up to ensure learning experiences are interesting, interactive, and ultimately effective
  • Instructional design and course facilitation: We design content, think through the delivery, and incorporate technology into your sessions so that participants can actually participate (like react, ask questions, comment, and share feedback)

How Elsie can support your virtual events

With remote work and distributed teams here to stay, the need for virtual events has never been greater. Elsie is here to respond to this call—we’re stepping up and making sure that more organizations can reach their people in dynamic ways. We’ve got big plans, expanding our team (both in size and capabilities) and our offerings and developing new technologies to make online learning better. It’s all part of building people up.

To date, we’ve reached 680,000+ learners through 45,000+ programs in 27 languages—and we’re just getting started.

We’d like to hear from you: Tell us what you think of our new name and our new look.

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  1. Hilda Neri on April 11, 2023 at 4:10 pm

    I love the idea of having a human with a familiar name, Elsie, behind what is being offered to your clients! In addition, the idea of Elsie ensuring clients will be taken care of 360° is icing on the cake!

    Congratulations for taking the time to be the best version of virtual online learning!

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