Virtual Learning Collaborative (VLC) Announces Rebrand, Becoming “Elsie”



There's someone we'd like you to meet! VLC is now Elsie!

Global Virtual Training Company Built New Brand with One Thing in Mind: Making Virtual Learning More Human   

PORTLAND (April 11, 2023)—Virtual Learning Collaborative (VLC), a global virtual training and support provider, announced today a major rebrand to become Elsie.  

Over the past several years, technology and the growth of virtual training have transformed the learning and development space. During this time, VLC has set itself apart as a company that prioritizes the people element of virtual learning. That’s why Elsie was built—to provide people-empowered learning that delivers effective and engaging experiences for participants.  

 “Our commitment to connecting people and helping them grow remains at the core of Elsie’s mission,” said Elizabeth Beales, Elsie’s CEO. “Our talented team of producers and facilitators work hard to design and deliver training and events that are highly interactive and engaging. People are behind everything we do, and that’s why we are so excited to introduce Elsie, a human-centered name, as our new brand.” 

 Based in Portland, Oregon, Elsie is led by Elizabeth and James Beales, a wife-and-husband duo who serve as CEO and COO, respectively. They stepped into their roles in 2021, and since then have worked to grow the company by enlisting the most talented producers and facilitators in global learning to meet the ever-changing technology trends and client needs in the virtual learning and development industry. 

 “When we looked at our name of VLC, we realized many of the people we work with didn’t always know what it stood for or meant,” said James Beales, Elsie’s COO. “We knew we needed a new name and identity that was representative of who we are as a team and company. We’re excited for this new chapter and the opportunity to expand our team and offerings to help more organizations reach their people in dynamic ways.” 

 To date, Elsie has delivered learning experiences reaching 680,000+ learners through 45,000+ programs in 27 languages, leveraging a team of producers and facilitators located in 19 countries. Learn more at  




Elsie is a global virtual training and support provider that offers virtual classroom production, course facilitation, learning consultation, and virtual event production to clients including corporations, small businesses, government agencies, and training companies. Founded in 2015, Elsie serves 76 clients through a team of 89 producers and facilitators located in 19 countries across the globe. To learn more about Elsie, visit, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn




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