Government Agencies

Virtual Training Support that You Can Trust

We make sure that your content is accessible, no matter if your employees are in the next room or across the globe. 

Reducing travel costs and wasted time, virtual training production allows you to ensure that everyone can have a meaningful learning experience. And, as an added bonus, you no longer have to worry about technology issues that could distract from your objectives. 

Elsie also offers facilitation and learning consulting services, elevating your content and improving your learning outcomes. 

Why government agencies choose Elsie

Tech Expertise
Technology expertise

Our team is well-versed in the tech so you don’t have to be. Elsie is well-versed across online learning platforms so learners always have the support they need.

Streamlined Support
Streamlined support

We take the administrative burden out of scheduling and supporting virtual learning so you can make better use of your time and resources.

Large team
Large team

Few teams can support large course catalogs. Elsie can. With more than 80 team members, you can rest easy knowing you’ll always get the support you need.

Train your government employeeswherever they may be.