Amplify content with learning and development consulting

Tap Into Your Course’s
Full Potential.

You have stellar learning material and wonderfully skilled people. But how your course is delivered can make or break learning outcomes.

Elsie can help you design your course so you achieve your learning objectives every time.

We take the guesswork out of choosing the right delivery method, platform, and activities for your course. Plus, we help you package your materials for maximum impact. 

With Elsie, you’ll never wonder if your content delivers.

Learning and development consulting to maximize outcomes

Platform Selection
Platform Selection

Choosing a course platform can be tricky. We’ll help you select one that best meets your accessibility needs, learning objectives, and budget.

Material Design
Material Design

We’ll work with you to design your materials––both on-screen and off––to ensure learners master the content.

Activity Planning
Activity Planning

Our team of consultants will help you design activities to increase learner engagement and maximize knowledge retention.


Content Experts
Accessibility Consulting

We’ll help you adapt how you deliver your course to create an inclusive virtual classroom that accommodates ALL learners.


Design your next course with confidence.